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We are passionate about creating unforgettable
experiences through organising our meticulously events.

The Heritage
Loy Krathong Festival

Every year during full moon, Thai people pray to god, making wishes by releasing Sky Lantern so that the god above will fulfil their prayers, and floating flower Kratong to release all the negative energy that comes with everyday life.

The Sky Lantern Festival
Experiencing one of our most magical moments with your family and friends as you watch thousands of Lanterns fly through the night sky.


Show Performance
We partner with the top Lanna Cultural Performance Team that had many years of experience with renowned stage show organisation.

Northern Food
A taste of Northern Thailand, the history, culture, climate, geography and migration patterns have all played their part in influencing the unique taste of northern Thai food. Known as Lanna cuisine, only best tasted in Chiang Mai.

Art & Cultural
You’ll get a chance to join many of our workshop and learn how to make Krathong, Khom Loy (Lantern), Phang Prateep Candle, Lanna Flower Bouquet, and Lanna Umbrella & Fan painting.

gate way of light

3 tiers of ticket -transportation included.

gate way of light
gate way of light
gate way of light

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