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The Best Elephant Sanctuary.
Dedicated To The Protection And Conservation Of Asian Elephants.

Ran-Tong is devoted to preserving the future of abused and domestic elephants in Chiang Mai and across Thailand. Every elephant we rescue from hardship brings us closer to saving them from the brink of extinction. Our goals are not only geared towards protection and prevention but also educating the public of the history of elephants in Thai culture.


Founded in 2009,Ran-Tong have rescued over 40 elephants to date with the help of public genérosity, support and private donation Avocari continue their on Vital work.
WE DON’T abuse elephants for tricks
WE DON’T separate the elephant babies from their mother
WE RESCUE them from loggings and street begging
BETTER QUALITY of life for the elephants.
WATCH them in their natural habitat
YOU completely interact with them
YOU WILL learn a lot about them
EXCITING programs


We love your smile! Beautiful moments of our customers preparing vitamin balls & mud bathing our elephants.

rantong elephant
rantong elephant
rantong elephant

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