Chiang Mai shopping is more handicraft-oriented than anywhere else in Thailand. The city is encircled by factories and workshops where you can watch craftspeople at work before buying their wares. You can even learning the craft yourself, in some cases. With a visit to such places, you are certain to come away with some really unique souvenirs. On a regular shopping level, experiences come in a series of shapes and sizes. The city is home to a relatively modest selection of shopping malls, but an impressive choice of markets. There are also many boutiques and gallery-style stores selling art, antiques and handicrafts. 

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s capital of unique handicrafts. It’s one of the few places in the country where you can visit a factory or artisan’s workshop, watch craftspeople at work and then buy the products you’ve just seen being manufactured. In some cases, you can even try your hand at making them yourself.

清迈购物比泰国其他任何地方都更加以手工艺为导向。 这个城市周围有工厂和工作室,在购买商品之前,您可以在工作中观看工匠。 在某些情况下,您甚至可以自己学习工艺。 参观这些地方,您一定会带来一些非常独特的纪念品。 在常规购物层面,体验有各种形状和大小。 这个城市拥有相对适中的购物中心,但却是令人印象深刻的市场选择。 此外,还有许多精品店和画廊风格的商店出售艺术品,古董和手工艺品。


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