The most common form of Chiang Mai public transport is called Songthaew, which is a converted pick-up truck with two rows of back benches. In Thai, the word “songthaew” literally means “two rows” (Pronounce: Song-Tail). A songthaew is also called Rod Daeng (meaning Red Car in Thai).

The two rows of seats can fit between 8-10 adults inside, with the occasional mad-man choosing to hang off the back bumper with their bare hands holding onto the car. A Songthaew has no seat belts, nor any other safety equipment on board.

But there are also other forms of transportation that can bring tourists to various attractions such as vans, buses, scooters or even bicycles.

In the city of Chiang Mai and nearby You can use the scooter or bike rental service via the mobile application. To travel to see the lifestyle in the places you want in Chiang Mai, which is very convenient or if you want to travel outside the city Can use the van and bus with air conditioning Bring you to the attractions you want.

最常见的清迈公共交通工具叫做Songthaew,这是一辆改装的小卡车,有两排后座。在泰语中,“songthaew”一词的字面意思是“两行”(发音:Song-Tail)。 Songthaew也被称为Rod Daeng(意为泰国的红色汽车)。

两排座椅可容纳8-10名成人,偶尔会有疯子选择挂着后保险杠,双手握住车子。 Songthaew没有安全带,也没有任何其他安全设备。




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