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Wellness spa are popular in many Asian health-tourism destinations and across Europe too, with the key component being the delivery of alternative treatments to achieve balance among mind, body, and spirit. The treatments found in wellness spas include things like therapeutic massage, detoxifying clay baths, Ayurvedic treatments, colonic cleansings, acupressure, yoga, reflexology, meditation, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy.

Thailand has become a leading wellness spa destination, providing all these therapies and more, earning itself the unofficial title of Spa Capital of Asia because of the unique way in which the country is able to deliver a relaxing atmosphere, warm hospitality and service, and therapists with the soft touch and welcoming personalities necessary for a rejuvenating, health-renewing wellness-spa experience. This is why so many people are choosing Thailand for wellness-spa tourism.

The most well-known wellness-spa treatment is Traditional Thai Massage, a healing art that is thousands of years old and was once associated to spirituality in Buddhist temples. Another famous therapy that’s unique to Thailand involves the use fragrant therapeutic herbs wrapped in soft cotton, steamed, and then gently pressed on the body. It is commonly referred to as Thai Herbal Compress which, when applied to the body, transfers essential oils and heat for healing. Another time-honored Thai wellness spa therapy is Thai Foot Massage through which a heightened state of relaxation is achieved as varying amounts of pressure are applied not only to the feet, but also calves, thighs, and sometimes even the head and shoulders.

泰国已经成为一个领先的健康水疗目的地,提供所有这些疗法和更多,赢得了亚洲Spa资本的非官方称号,因为该国能够提供轻松的氛围,热情的款待和服务,以及治疗师的独特方式 具有柔软的触感和热情的个性,是恢复健康,恢复健康的健康水疗体验所必需的。 这就是为什么这么多人选择泰国进行健康水疗旅游的原因。