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Chiang Mai is an area that is a center of handicrafts. There are many products that are made from hand. Such as wood carvings, sculptures, artworks, woven works that are unique, beautiful and are what tourists are passionate about.

Creative tourism Is a tourism that focuses on tourists to participate in learning from visiting places or communities that have a unique identity In terms of local culture and traditions that have been passed down for a long time Or folk wisdom that is perfectly consistent with the way of life

In addition to learning culture in each community, tourism in this form also inspires tourists through the experience and experience directly from the action until the connection between tourists and people who In that place As well as being a knowledge that can be further expanded in its own form

清迈是一个手工艺品中心。 有许多产品是手工制作的。 如木雕,雕塑,艺术品,编织作品,独特,美丽,是游客所热衷的。

创意旅游是一种旅游,专注于游客参与学习具有独特身份的访问地点或社区。在长期传承下来的当地文化和传统方面或与民间智慧完全一致的民间智慧 生活

除了在每个社区学习文化之外,这种形式的旅游还通过直接从行动中获得的经验和经验激发游客,直到游客和那个地方的人之间的联系,以及可以进一步扩展的知识。 形成


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